Postcard Direct Installation

For installations of Postcard Direct you will need to provide temporary FTP access (or similar) with the following information:

NOTE: This service includes the installation of the scripts on your server and the required configuration to get them successfully running. It does not include customisation of templates for the look and feel of your site.

Installation fee: US$50 - Continue, Inc. is an authorized retailer of Ginini Technologies Ltd.

The steps involved are:
  1. Make a secure online credit card payment.
  2. Send an email with the FTP details listed above.
  3. Once the email is received, with the correct information, Postcard Direct will be installed on your site.

If for any reason, Postcard Direct can not be successfully installed on your site or you are not happy with its operation, your credit card payment will be refunded.

Please contact me if you require an invoice, or alternative payment methods.

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